Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium


Since 2011, the Government have provided Pupil Premium Funding in addition to the main school budget in order to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the attainment gap between Pupil Premium pupils and their peers, both in their school and nationally.

Pupils who are entitled to Pupil Premium provision:

  • Infant pupils who would have been entitled to FSM
  • Pupils who have been entitled to Free School Meals in the last 6 years
  • Pupils who are Looked After or Adopted
  • Pupils from Service Families

The Government have identified these groups as indicators of deprivation and have provided a fixed amount of funding to schools for each pupil from 1 of these groups. The school then makes the decision as to what additional support is needed for each Pupil Premium child in order to close the attainment gap. The Government does not specify how schools should spend the money – instead allowing schools the flexibility to employ support strategies which will have the greatest impact on individual children’s attainment.

Number of pupils at St. Helen’s who are entitled to PP in 2017/18: 35 (data for yrs1 – 6) Currently there are no known PP pupils in the 2 EYFS Classes.


At St. Helen’s, we have put the following plan in place in order to accelerate the progress of our Pupil Premium pupils:


  • To continue to use English and Maths intervention groups to narrow the attainment gap between Pupil Premium pupils and Non Pupil Premium pupils in the same class. These groups are taught by the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Inclusion, Part-time Teacher (SP) the Headteacher and Teaching Assistants. Pupils are supported on a weekly basis and sometimes more frequently on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • To focus particularly on quality writing across the curriculum and give specific support to PP pupils depending on individual need.
  • To support Pupil Premium pupils, who need it, with a Nurturing approach where pupils will be supported in developing their social and emotional development as well as their academic development. When pupils are ready to transfer fully back to class, an effective transition and monitoring plan will be actioned.
  • To support Pupil Premium pupils who have English as an additional language either individually or in a small group with their speaking and listening, reading, writing and understanding of Mathematical vocabulary. 2 interventions programmes that are regularly used for EAL pupils are: Talk Partners and Talk Maths. They also have support with grammar and comprehension skills. These groups (from all year groups) are supported by our EAL/PUPIL PREMIUM Teaching Assistant. Pupils are supported on a weekly basis and their focus of the sessions depends on their need.
  • To support Pupil Premium pupils as early as possible in their school life and hence we have full time T.A.s in year 1 so that there is a teacher and T.A.s in the classroom for most of each day to enable more supported groups to take place within the class.
  • To support Parent/Carers by offering free Breakfast club places, home access to Education City and regular updates on pupil targets so Parent/Carers can support their child further at home if they so wish. Guidance on Curriculum methods will also be given e.g. Big Maths, phonics etc.
  • To embed the use of Learnpads (school version of ipads), ipads and laptops to support learning, including outdoor learning.
  • To continue to improve the quality first teaching pupils receive, especially in Maths - through the use of Big Maths methods, Numicon (Maths equipment) and a renewed focus on reasoning and problem solving through the mastery approach. To continue with the drive to have effective teacher feedback in place on a regular basis.
  • To offer individual support to families as needs become apparent e.g. with residential trips, uniform, musical tuition etc.

In 2017/18 (March to April – financial year, we receive £50,160 pupil premium funding.



  • Senior Leader time: Assistant Headteacher responsible for Pupil Premium provision
  • Nurture staff
  • 2nd Teaching Assistant for Pupil Premium EAL pupils
  • Teaching Assistant hours in KS1 for afternoons


  • Home access to Education City
  • New Reading materials

Pupil Support:

  • To fund Breakfast Club places taken up by Pupil Premium pupils
  • To fund residential trips

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