Welcome to Class 3

Class 3FC Teachers: Mrs Fisher & Mr Curtis

Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Hardcastle

Class 3G Teacher: Mr Gibson

Learning Support Assistant:
Mrs Hawthorne


The latest news from Class 3FC and Class 3G

Karma Kids

Class 3FC have been having a wonderful time learning new techniques to become calm and focused. We think Mrs Fisher has mastered the moves too!

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News from 2017 - 2018

Our Class Assembly

Thank you to all parents, relations and carers who came to our class 3 assembly on Wednesday.

The children put in a lot of time and effort into planning the assembly, learning their lines and producing some super masks, colourful lizardsand butterflies as well as a beautiful Kapok Tree. Clearly we have some budding actors and set designers for the future, as well as our own amazing year 3 choir!

Mr Gibson would like to add how proud he is of the children and we are sure you are too. Well done!

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