Welcome to Class 3

Class 3C Teachers: Mrs Conyard

Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Hawthorne

Class 3GC Teacher: Mrs Giordmaina & Mr Curtis

Learning Support Assistant:
Mrs Hawthorne
Mrs King
Mrs Collins


The Latest News from Year 3

Stick Skeletons

3C are learning about the body and built stick skeletons in the nature area. They are amazing!

IMG_0412.JPG IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0409.JPG IMG_0435.JPG IMG_0419.JPG IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0411.JPG

Model Dinosaurs

Class 3C have been having a great time making model dinosaurs. Take a look at the fantastic creations.

IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0361.JPG IMG_0359.JPG IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0360.JPG IMG_0367.JPG IMG_0370.JPG IMG_0365.JPG IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0369.JPG IMG_0368.JPG


Class 3C have been outside measuring the perimeter of different parts of the playground. Ask your child to explain how they did it.

IMG_0330.JPG IMG_0328.JPG IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0343.JPG IMG_0342.JPG IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0329.JPG IMG_0338.JPG






Soil Investigation

Class 3C have been investigating soil and painting the layers in rocks.

Nest Building

Class 3C have been having a wonderful time in the Nature Area building nests to protect eggs, just like the dinosaurs did!

IMG_0155.JPG IMG_0153.JPG IMG_0163.JPG IMG_0165.JPG IMG_0170.JPG IMG_0169.JPG IMG_0166.JPG


Class 3C have been grouping rocks according to their characteristics. We chose which groups to sort them into.

IMG_0023.JPG IMG_0007.JPG IMG_0008.JPG IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0010 (1).JPG IMG_0012 (1).JPG IMG_0004 (1).JPG IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0011.JPG

News from 2018 - 2019

Our Amazing Iron Man Poetry Display


World Book Day

On World book day the children had an amazing day full of book based learning and fun. Here are some photographs of the children making some fantastic book based artwork!

IMG_3109.JPG IMG_3103.JPG IMG_3116.JPG IMG_3111.JPG IMG_3120.JPG IMG_3117.JPG IMG_3228.JPG

Volcanic Eruptions!

In February we learnt about 'Our Awesome World' and designed and then constructed model volcanoes so we could conduct experiments on achieving the most powerful eruptions!

IMG_2850.JPG IMG_2843.JPG IMG_2855.JPG IMG_2864.JPG IMG_2844.JPG IMG_2846.JPG IMG_2857.JPG IMG_2871.JPG IMG_2878.JPG IMG_2875.JPG IMG_2874.JPG

Perfect Pizzas!

In January 3G had a fantastic morning learning about all things 'Pizza' all thanks to Pizza Express in Southend.

Some of us even enjoyed the tasting session afterwards!

IMG_8313.JPG IMG_8357.JPG IMG_8502.JPG IMG_8480.JPG IMG_8332.JPG IMG_8515.JPG IMG_8504.JPG IMG_8434.JPG

Karma Kids

Class 3FC have been having a wonderful time learning new techniques to become calm and focused. We think Mrs Fisher has mastered the moves too!

IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0144.JPG IMG_0140.JPG IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0141.JPG IMG_0149.JPG IMG_0143.JPG IMG_0147.JPG IMG_0155.JPG IMG_0152.JPG IMG_0153.JPG IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0151.JPG IMG_0156.JPG IMG_0150.JPG IMG_0158.JPG IMG_0161.JPG
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