Welcome to Class 6

Class Teachers:
Mrs Richards
Mrs Miller

Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs Green
Mrs Felstead
Mrs Offord


The latest news from Class 6

Finding fossils?

Year 6 have been learning about Mary Anning (a famous fossil finder).

We attempted fossil finding ourselves - the chocolates from chocolate chip cookies!

Tiger in a Tropical Storm

We have also been studying Henri Rousseau. Each pupil was given a small part of his painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm'.

Now we have to piece it back together! Come in and see the result by the Year 6 classroom.

4th January 2018

Today in Science our learning objective was to understand differences. We used 3 colours of Playdoh to make something that had a head, body, ears and eyes.

Although we all used the same equipment, they all ended up looking very different!

IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0163.JPG IMG_0170.JPG IMG_0167.JPG IMG_0166.JPG IMG_0144.JPG IMG_0144.JPG IMG_0152.JPG IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0149.JPG IMG_0145.JPG IMG_0143.JPG

Year 6 have selected some fabulous photographs for you and have written their own captions.

A good day was had by all.

A good day had by all.JPG

When you are assigned new homework...........................

When you're assigned with new homework.JPG

Mrs Miller - Saviour of the Seas!

Mrs Miller saviour of the seas.JPG

Ready and able....

Ready & Able.JPG

Back of the net!

Back of the net.JPG

Boys in action....

Boys in action.JPG

Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can.JPG

Count on us!

Count on us.JPG

Pleased as punch.

Pleased as punch.JPG

Year 6 are on fire!

Year 6 are on fire.JPG

Year 6 go down, down, down to the Nature Area.

Year 6 go down down down to the nature area.JPG

Rock stars!

Year 6 rock stars.JPG

Never forgetting those who died for our Country.

Year 6 never forgetting those who died for our county.JPG


Class News 2016-2017

Where in the World?

Welcome to Class 6 and our topic: Where in the World?

Join us as we journey around the world without leaving our seats! Who knows what we may discover.

DIY Nature Area!

Under the superb leadership of Mrs Miller, Class 6 have been working tirelessly to improve our nature area for the enjoyment of us all. A big thank you to all of you. We have some wonderful pictures for you to enjoy, so take time out of your busy day to get close up with nature.

100_5817.JPG 100_5791.JPG 100_5788.JPG 100_5786.JPG 100_5790.JPG 100_5793.JPG 100_5797.JPG 100_5799.JPG 100_5798.JPG 100_5792.JPG 100_5800.JPG 100_5801.JPG 100_5795.JPG 100_5794.JPG 100_5802.JPG 100_5803.JPG 100_5808.JPG 100_5804.JPG 100_5811.JPG 100_5813.JPG 100_5807.JPG 100_5814.JPG 100_5816.JPG 100_5819.JPG 100_5820.JPG 100_5815.JPG 100_5809.JPG 100_5818.JPG 100_5825.JPG 100_5824.JPG 100_5828.JPG 100_5826.JPG 100_5829.JPG 100_5833.JPG 100_5832.JPG 100_5827.JPG 100_5822.JPG 100_5823.JPG 100_5836.JPG 100_5835.JPG 100_5834.JPG

Fossil Hunting

After reading about Mary Anning, Year 6 became fossil hunters. We had to extract chocolate chips from the cookie! You needed to be patient and calm; also have a steady hand!

IMG_4225.JPG IMG_4224.JPG IMG_4226.JPG IMG_4222.JPG IMG_4229.JPG IMG_4230.JPG IMG_4228.JPG IMG_4231.JPG IMG_4233.JPG IMG_4234.JPG IMG_4232.JPG IMG_4235.JPG IMG_4223.JPG IMG_4221.JPG IMG_4227.JPG

Enjoying a wonderful PE lesson!

IMG_4076.JPG IMG_4081.JPG IMG_4082.JPG IMG_4080.JPG IMG_4077.JPG IMG_4083.JPG IMG_4085.JPG IMG_4088.JPG IMG_4078.JPG IMG_4089.JPG IMG_4086.JPG IMG_4090.JPG IMG_4079.JPG IMG_4091.JPG IMG_4092.JPG

Cracking Christmas Hats!

Feast your eyes on our wonderful Christmas hat creations!

IMG_3797.JPG IMG_3818.JPG IMG_3810.JPG IMG_3807.JPG IMG_3812.JPG IMG_3814.JPG IMG_3811.JPG IMG_3815.JPG IMG_3817.JPG IMG_3816.JPG IMG_3822.JPG IMG_3819.JPG IMG_3808.JPG IMG_3821.JPG IMG_3820.JPG




Interviewing Father Basil

We had the opportunity to interview Father Basil about our new RE topic 'Vocation and Commitment'.

Our thanks to Father Basil for being so interesting, it was most illuminating.

This is Anisha's writing: -


Class News 2015-2016

Please take a look at all the wonderful activities and news from last year!

Area and Perimeter

We have been investigating the area and perimeter of a rectangle. We extended this by cutting the rectangles up to find the area and perimeter of various types of triangles.



Our next step in our learning is volume, we have been looking at how to calculate the volume of a shape moving onto the surface area. Which is greater, volume or surface area?


The Fisherman and the Genie

We have been looking at stories from Arabian Nights and producing our own drama to show how the fisherman tricked
the genie.


Celebrating our differences!

Although we are all the same we know we have differences. We all started with the same amount of coloured playdough, yellow for the head, blue for the hair and red for facial features. Here are a few of our creations!


Our Sewing Sensations

All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning new stitches to create some fantastic embroidery.


Ragged School Museum

On Wednesday, 25th November we had a fantastic trip to the Ragged School Museum in Mile End.

Please have a look at our photographs, we are sure you will find them very interesting, then read all about our trip in our 'big writing'.

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